Our product gamut consists of BUSSMAN BY EATON range of DATA CENTRE.

Data Center

Low-Peak Fuses
Description :

Time-delay, current-limiting, rejection-type fuse – 12 seconds (minimum) at 200% rated amps.

Ratings :

Volts: — 600Vac (or less)
Amps: — 4 - 30A
IR: — 200kA RMS Sym.

Agency Information :

CE, Std. 248-4, Class CC, UL Listed, Guide JDDZ, File E4273, CSA Certified; Class 1422-02, File 53787.

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Description :

4 minutes maximum clearing time at 200% rated current for 1 to 30A fuse 6 minutes maximum clearing time at 200% rated current for 35 to 60A fuse

Ratings :

Volts: — 600Vac (or less), — 300Vdc (or less)
Amps: — 1-100A
IR: — 300kA RMS Sym. (UL), 200kA RMS Sym. (CSA), 50kA DC (UL & CSA)

Agency Information :

UL Listed Fuse: Guide JFHR, File E4273, CSA Certified Fuse: Class 1422- 02, File 53787, CE compliance for the European Union low voltage directive

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Drive Fuse High Speed Fuses
Description :

High speed, current-limiting fuse. The Bussmann Drive Fuse will provide maximum protection for AC and DC drives and controllers and meet NEC branch circuit protection requirements. The Drive Fuse has the lowest. It of any branch circuit fuse to protect power semiconductor devices that utilize diodes, GTOs, SCRs and SSRs.

Ratings :

Volts: — 600Vac (or less), 450Vdc (or less)
Amps: — 1-600A
IR: — 200kA RMS Sym., 100kA DC

Agency Information :

CE, Std. 248-8, Class J, UL Listed, Guide JDDZ, File E4273, CSA Certified, Class 1422-02, File 53787.

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Quik-Spec™ Coordination Panelboard
Description :

Configurable fusible panelboard with 30-400A mains and branches from 1-100A rated 600Vac.

Ratings :

Volts: — 600Vac (or less), 125Vdc (or less)
Amps: — 30, 60, 100, 200, 225 or 400A

Options :

Main : MLO (main lug only), Fused disconnect switch, Non-fused disconnect switch
Enclosure : NEMA 1 or 3R, Standard size panelboard (20˝ W x 5˝ D x various heights), For other ratings consult factory
Panel : Feed; Top & Bottom***, Mounting; Surface or Flush****, Door/Trim; Regular or Door-in-Door****
Branch : Circuits; Up to 18, 30 and 42*, Amps; Up to 100A, Type; 1-, 2- and 3-Pole
Fuse : Six-fuse spare fuse compartment, Time-delay or UPS/critical applications (fast-acting) CUBEFuse™

Agency Information :

UL Listed to UL 67, complies with NFPA 70 (NEC®; National Electric Code)

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Power Distribution Blocks
Features :

Enclosed, safer installation; IP20 finger-safe under specific conditions.
High short-circuit current ratings up to 200kA : PDBs do not have to be the weak link in achieving high SCCR for an industrial control panel

Electrical :

600Vac/dc (UL 1953), 690Vac/dc (IEC)
IP20 finger-safe under specific conditions
Short-circuit current ratings up to 200kA, see table
Ampacities up to 760 amps

Agency / Standards :

UL Listed 1953, Guide QPQS, File E256146
CSA Certified, Class 6228-01, File 47235
IEC 60947-7-1
IEC 60529, IP20 (finger-safe) under specific wiring conditions

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Compact Circuit Protector (CCP)
Features :

IP20 Finger-safe construction with #10 or larger wire

Switch interlock prohibits removing the fuse under load

Agency Information :

CE Compliant
RoHS Compliant
For Class CC fuse version
- UL 98 Listed, File E302370, Guide WHTY
- cULus to CSA Standard 22.2 No. 4-04, File 302370, Guide WHTY7
For UL Midget and 10X38 IEC fuse version
- UL 508 Listed, File E161278, Guide 8R29
- cULus Certified 22.2 No. 14-05
- IEC 60947-3 AC23A
- IEC 60947-3 DC23A

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